How Many Calories are there in Calamansi Juice

If you are not familiar with calamansi, here is some information. Calamansi is a fruit that is grown all over Southeast Asia, West Indies and Central and Northern America. Its scientific name is Citrofortunella microcarpa. It is also called calamondin, panama orange, golden lime, Philippine lime or calamandarin. It is cultivated round the year in the Philippines and is widely used in their cuisine. It is a dark green fruit and referred to as a cross between a mandarin orange and a lemon, on being left to ripe, it turns orange.
A lot of people enjoy calamansi juice as a refreshing drink. It is made in the same way that you make lemonade. Simply squeeze the fruit, add water and sugar according to your taste and there you have it, a tasty and nutritious juice. It can be used in a number of ways, apart from making a drink, you can add it to cocktails and also use it for marinating food. It is often used as a substitute for lime juice.
Uses and Benefits of Calamansi Juice

Uses of the Juice

  • Calamansi juice can be used to marinate fish, chicken and vegetables.
  • It can be used to make acid beverages.
  • It can be used to make salads, desserts, pies and tart sauce.
  • It is also used as an emulsifier along with gum tragacanth.

Benefits of the Juice

  • It is a great tonic for the liver.
  • It is known to help prevent diabetes.
  • It aids in prevention and cure of osteoarthritis.
  • It can serve as a laxative, when diluted in warm water.
  • It is taken as a medicine for cough, it helps expel phlegm.
  • It maintains kidney health and helps to get rid of foul urine odor.
  • It is useful in curbing the development of atherosclerosis.
  • It is helpful in dealing with a hangover.
Calories in Calamansi Juice
Around 27 ml makes 1 glass, 240 ml of drink. The total calories in the drink is only 70.

Serving Size: 27 ml

Nutrients Amount
Total Fat 0 g
Saturated Fat 0 g
Sodium 10 mg
Cholesterol 0 mg
Total Carbohydrate 26 g
Sugar 23 g
Dietary Fiber 0 g
Protein 0 g

Nutritional Information: Like all other citrus fruits, calamansi juice is high in vitamin C. It also has vitamin A and iron. Based on a 2,000 calorie diet, it gives 4% of the daily requirement of vitamin A , 2% of calcium and 2% of iron. The juice provides 100% of the daily requirement of vitamin C.

Here’s an interesting recipe of calamansi ginger juice:

  • 10 calamondin
  • 2 slices ginger
  • 2 cups water

Put slices of ginger in 2 cups of water and let it boil for about 5 minutes. Pour this water into a cup. Cut calamondin fruit into halves and squeeze it into the cup. Add sugar or honey for taste.

As we saw, calamansi juice is low on calories and high on nutrition. Store some in your kitchen and use it how you like it, to avail its numerous benefits. It will last for about a week, when stored in the fridge. Its unique flavor has been gaining popularity worldwide; it now features as a gelato flavor. Enjoy its exotic taste; not only is it tasty, it’s also does great wonders to your health!

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